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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the art of combining elements such as images and typography to convey a purposeful and meaningful message to the viewer.

Graphic Design products appear everywhere, including elegant magazines, movie posters, billboards with interesting messages. Each product will be realized in its own style but with a single goal guided by the designer’s message.

Why is the Graphic Design industry “hot” today?

In any field of production and business, building a company brand image is very important. Graphic design helps companies create images, brands and convey meaningful messages to customers. With the “transformation” of the idea of ​​Graphic Design, it has great appeal.

1. The importance of images

In the current era of digitalization and communication, images play an extremely important role in conveying messages. You may not know, the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than plain text content. This shows that conveying messages through visual images will attract and impress anyone.

2. Income level and advancement opportunities

The Graphic Design industry not only requires high creativity, aesthetic taste and knowledge of design, but also requires good communication and negotiation skills. This creates a labor market full of opportunities for those who are passionate about this profession.

Furthermore, graphic designers have the potential to earn high salaries, especially when they already have in-depth skills and experience in the field. In addition, the Graphic Design industry also offers opportunities for advancement, with the ability to become a key designer, project manager, head of design, head of Marketing, Creative Director or open a design company. own plan.

3. Ability to be creative and work freely

The Graphic Design industry allows workers to express creativity and personalization in their work. Graphic designers can participate in many diverse projects, from logo design, new branding to user interface design for mobile applications, book cover design, advertising posters,…

In addition, this graphic design profession also offers the ability to work freely and flexibly, being able to work remotely, work at a coffee shop or participate in freelance projects.

So what is the job of a Graphic Designer?

Job description Graphic design?

Basically, the job description of a Graphic Designer (JD Graphic Designer) will include:

Graphic design plays an important role in creating media publications such as Banners, Bover, Infographics,… to serve advertising activities, websites and social networks.
Graphic designers also coordinate with Content Writers to create design products suitable for the company’s Blog content, Email Marketing and social networking sites.
Design product introduction videos and user guide videos.
In addition, the designer must ensure compliance with design principles and modify the design to meet the specific requirements of each project.

1. Logo – Identity (Brand identity design)

Brand identity plays an important role in helping companies, businesses or brands convey their unique messages, images and experiences to customers. This is also considered the “representative face” to help users easily recognize and remember the business’s brand.

To do this, businesses need to seek the help of Designers. They will design and create unique, impressive graphics, logos, colors and lettering that match the business’s message.

In addition, Designers also need to have communication skills, understand customers, businesses, competitors, update the latest design trends and have more knowledge in many fields such as: Marketing, Branding, communication. pine. pine tree. ,…


2. Business & Ads (Marketing and advertising design)

To make customers aware of their products and services, any company must continuously deploy marketing and advertising activities. Advertising graphic design needs to be short and concise in message, colors and drawings must be eye-catching and attractive to stimulate customers to interact and shop more.


3. Web & App (Web and application interface design)

Website and application interfaces are considered the “front” of the business on the online platform. When a company owns a Website and App with a beautiful, professional interface, this will be an extremely prestigious plus point in the hearts of customers.

Therefore, as a Graphic Designer for Website and App, in addition to being proficient in graphic software, you need to have knowledge of programming languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS,… as well as work closely. closely with UX Designer and User Interface. Developers create eye-catching and impressive user interfaces.

4. Packaging & Label (Packaging and label design)

Design packaging and labels for businesses to send messages of love to consumers, while also helping to increase brand recognition and the image of the business.

Packaging design spans many fields. For example, in the fields of fast food, consumer goods, cosmetics, medicine, electronics, etc. Designers in the field of packaging and labels need to be flexible to meet the requirements of exporters. In addition, it is necessary to continuously update customer tastes.

5. Books & Magazines (Publication design)

Graphic design in the Books & Magazines segment is also an equally hot industry. To do well in this field, in addition to expertise in graphic design, Designers need to understand and master knowledge of journalism terminology, color management, printing and digital publishing.

Traditional printed books, newspapers, magazines… are typical publications in the field of printing and publishing.

Professional skills required of a Graphic Designer.


1. Design principles

A deep understanding of design principles is essential for any graphic design. Because only when applying the right principles can they combine colors, images and other elements to create the most complete and impressive design.


2. Ability to enhance ideas

Design work requires extremely high creativity. Ideas are always an important factor for Graphic Design designers. Ideas can come from constant killing and learning or suddenly explode from the start. In addition, graphic designers must also research the necessary skills, create sketches, edit and perfect the product.


3. Knowledge symbols

The job of a Graphic Designer is to focus on brand identity design, they have the ability to convey the brand’s message and connect deeply in the minds of customers.

To achieve this, Graphic Designers need to be knowledgeable and efficient. They must understand what goes into creating a unique commercial response and be able to execute it in the most optimal way in design.


4. Typography

Typography is an indispensable element in graphic design. Appropriate layout, colors, and writing will create harmony, attraction, and vice versa.


5. Be quick with tools

Graphic designers have to work with many different design tools. Besides basic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, they also have to use more complex tools depending on the field and job requirements.

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