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Content Marketing creative service is a service that any business, once it has communicated on the Digital Marketing channel, must invest in it. Previously, the Vietnamese media market always only paid attention to software that ran to meet KPIs (click, view, like, comment, share), and that created a problem of only creating virtual numbers that does not bring real profits to media operators

Today, both Google and Facebook – two giant, popular media channels in Vietnam – have denounced the above type of media marketing. Software that runs and achieves the desired click has become a thing of the past. For Google, it used to be that working hard to attach as many links as possible. Instead, we can only attach links to pages related to the industry, pages that are truly reputable, have good content, and provide useful knowledge for members to follow. Besides, your website itself must also provide information that supports the knowledge of visitors. That’s why modern SEO must harmoniously combine Onpage and Offpage. Try to update many articles of at least 150 words with a standard SEO layout for your website along with optimized and copyrighted supporting images. After that, we must think about the backlink story

For Facebook, this is a huge story. Content for Facebook is inherently colorful because with more than 12 forms of Facebook advertising, we need to have different ways of presenting content. Content is not just written text, images and video clips included with the article are also considered content. Facebook wants to build itself into a country, with its own borders and laws. With algorithms constantly being updated to bring emotionally uplifting experiences to people accessing information and advertising, businesses need to invest a lot in images and videos, which is basically not allowed. Copy and content must not spread negative images, disparage a community group, cause discomfort or disgust for viewers, etc.

What is advertising to increase fanpage likes?

Advertising to increase fanpage likes is a form of increasing the number of people who like & follow a fanpage. This form helps the fanpage have more people interested in the right target products and services and can create conversions from the content on the fanpage post. Advertising to increase fanpage likes is charged based on the number of people who like the fanpage from the advertisement, the unit price is different depending on each industry.
This is a popular form of Facebook advertising, with this form the article will be displayed to customers and charged based on the number of reaches. A customer will be counted for 1 approach/day no matter how many times it is displayed.