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Are you looking for a reliable partner to design a brand for your business? Are you looking for a professional and reputable service to help your brand stand out in the market? If so, come to the brand design service at PMQ HOLDING – with  extensive experience in the field of brand identity design.

What is brand design?

Brand design is the entire process of creating a brand from naming the brand, designing the logo, brand identity to advertising the brand. With the purpose of creating a unique identity compared to other brands on the market and distinguishing products from other brands.

Think of all the products displayed on the shelves at a supermarket. There is an increasing number of choices between brands, most of us have to put a lot of consideration into making a choice between them. So why do you choose this brand over another ?

Brand identity design

Why is it necessary to design professional brand identity?

1. Create competitive advantage

Having a unique and professionally designed brand following attractive strategies, the company will certainly have a special position in the market amid fierce competition. Attractively designed logos, attractive slogans, and reasonable use of colors give the brand a certain competitive advantage.


2. Impress customers

Brand identity design and related strategies that are well planned and presented effectively and beautifully will easily impress customers. Therefore, it is always necessary to pay attention to every detail throughout the entire branding process.

“Customers are the best brand ambassadors” and we must always be customer-centric when building a brand. Because once they are satisfied, they will recommend the brand to friends and family who are potential customers of the business.


3. Talk about business DNA

As mentioned earlier, the design must go hand in hand with the business goals, vision, and mission of the company and the design elements and language will have to express the same. When these tasks are used properly, the message will be transmitted to customers in the most effective way.


4. Emotional connection

The brand identity will be something that comes into direct contact with the customer, creating an immediate emotion in the minds and hearts of the customer with a positive opinion towards the brand and the products.


5. Brand recognition

A good brand is always remembered in the minds of consumers right from the first images and it creates a lasting impact. Helps brands stand out in the industry, customers can easily distinguish them from other products and brands.

Brand design is the first step to bringing a brand to market and holds an important position in the entire framework of branding and marketing.

What does brand design include?

1. Name the brand

Brand naming is the first starting point in the process of creating a brand. An impressive and unique name that represents the core values of the business will make a strong impression on customers.

There are many ways to create an effective brand name

  • Difference
  • Memorable
  • Have purpose
  • Can be expanded
  • Legally owned


2. Logo design

Besides the brand name, the logo design is equally important. Because the logo will also accompany all fronts of that unit. Looking at the logo, you can recognize the brand. A logo with a good idea, expressing the spirit and values of the unit, will create an impression and be engraved in the minds of  customers.

3. Brand Identity Design

Designing a consistent, distinct brand identity is the most powerful tool to drive current sales and create value for the future.

Depending on specific needs and purposes, businesses can choose an identity design that suits them. Below is the full brand identity system:

• Basic brand recognition: Brand name, Logo, Slogan.
• Office brand recognition: Letterhead, invoice, name card, envelope, uniform, badge…
• Brand recognition on products: Packaging design, labels, product warranty cards.
• Outdoor brand recognition: Banner, poster, standee…
• Marketing brand identity: Catalog design, profile design, brochure, website, TVC advertising…


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4. Brand protection

Not only consulting on brand building, PMQ HODling also provides brand protection for you to avoid problems with trademark copyright disputes.


Brand Design Process

Instead of approaching each application individually as independent branding solutions, we are forced to look at every application – from overall brand identity design to advertising campaigns, as well as their application across media as contributors to the entire brand experience.


1. Strategy

Brand strategy is the core pillar of the branding process, unifying all plans for each brand application visually and verbally.

Conduct informative research and analysis on the brand to determine the brand personality and promise. Differentiate from competitors through brand positioning and establishing core brand values.


2. Create a design concept

Concept, also known as idea, is the unique thinking behind graphic designs that has the ability to highlight and differentiate a brand, convey information, and create a brand image. in the minds of customers, urging them to buy products, try services, or react to marketing messages.


3. Application

Determine whether the actual visual and verbal design applications can best represent the brand to the media audience.


4. Implement design


  • Prioritize applications that need to be created first: logo, office identity,…
  • Collect images
  • Create digital files in the most efficient way
  • Deliver the complete design to the customer for review and approval
  • Hire the best suppliers: Quality printing units or interactive design studios/programmers.
  • Monitor the printing process
  • Realization: Introducing to the market and the public
  • Make recommendations for the future



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Among hundreds of leading brand design companies today, PMQ still retains unique features in all of its products.

With a professional and dedicated working style, listening and understanding, we are committed to impressive, exclusive design services, making a difference from competitors. Unlimited revisions until customers are 100% satisfied.

With a realistic and effective design process and sensitive consultants, PMQ will help businesses discover their strengths and brand differences to create a unique, professional brand identity together. Smart & consistent.